Här kommer du snart att få följa Shoaibs upplevelser som asylsökande i Sverige. På bilden ser du Shoaib tillsammans med verksamhetschef Lars Johansson.

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Welcome to my Blog!

Posted: 2016-03-01 16:03

My name is Shoaib Noorzad born in Afghanistan, 

In this Blog I’m gonna be sharing THE DAILY life and ACTIVITIES of refugees from different nations and countries in (Flygskyttens Migrationsboende, Västerås 

 hope you Like the content I share and keep following my Page for updates…


By shoaib


Anders wrote at 2016-03-01 20:31

Greetings Shoaib!

Maria af Malmborg wrote at 2016-03-03 10:00

Hello Shoaib!
Really great! I will share your page with my friends at Signalisten.
Good luck! Maria #TGVS

Shoaib Noorzad wrote at 2016-03-03 22:11

Hello Maria!

Anne-Marie Wikström wrote at 2016-03-03 17:08

Vilken fantastisk chans att få följa dig och dina medkamrater under er första tid i Sverige!
Lycka till!

Shoaib Noorzad wrote at 2016-03-03 22:15

Thanks Anne!

Paula Koskinen wrote at 2016-03-05 17:21

Hello Shoaib, it will be exciting to follow your blog,Which organisation is learning you swedish?You should have more than 2 hours in a week.Lycka till!Paula

Shoaib Noorzad wrote at 2016-03-08 04:34

Hello Dear Paula!
Thanks for following, It's 4 hours in a week, but it's also not enough, so I hope it be more hours...
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